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We believe the ultimate relationship with a dog comes from teaching owners how to communicate the assignment before implementing a consequence. We’re not into cookie-cutter class routines, overcomplicating expectations or prolonging the process. Our owners leave the first class feeling better equipped to handle their dog’s behavior. 

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You don’t need a dog that can stay in a sit for 10 minutes. You need a dog that can handle the UPS guy and the neighbor kids.

We want to give you the tools to communicate effectively so that you and your dog know how to handle real life situations. We aren’t into the mainstream approach to dog training that teaches all dogs the same way. Cheap Tricks is about supplying only what you need to accomplish the goals you have with your canine friend. We guarantee you’ll leave the first class with more knowledge and understanding of your dog’s behavior and feel more confident managing it.

our approach

Good Training for Good Dogs

We don’t use tools that create consequence but instead implement strategies and management tactics that encourage positive association.

Pay for only what you Need:

Attend the classes pertaining to the specific problems your dog is having and leave the rest!

Attend when you Can:

We pride ourselves on being a one of a kind training facility where you attend when you can. No hurdles, no hassles, no consequences. 

It’s exhausting trying to manage your everyday life while trying to provide your dog with a solid foundation to learn, grow and be their best.

We make it simple - faster results, less money, flexible schedules, supportive community…and best of all, happier dogs & owners!

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Feeling hesitant? Not sure if this is right for you?

We’d love to talk to you about your dog and address your concerns. Just give us a few quick facts about your dog and one of our trainers will get you your results!

If it weren’t for Kristen and Cheap Tricks, I’m not sure that we would still have Ivy in our home. Ivy used to be the most vocal dog in class, but now she’s one of the most well-behaved.

- Tanya S.

Kristen has taught us in our home, while walking, and even met us on the field with other dogs to create an environment that is calm, safe and fun. Her practical insights do not require expensive gadgets. She is a dog whisperer who understands dogs, adults, children….all members of the household. 

- Diane & Bugsy

Private training lessons with Cheap Tricks was the best investment I could have made for our family. 

I have recommended these classes to numerous people and will continue to do so. We go on walks with more confidence. She still struggles occasionally, but we feel it has gotten much better. We will continue to bring her to class because it helps tremendously with her doing better when there are many distractions.  

- Alecia & Oakley

Our dog struggled with anxiety on walks and it wasn’t pleasant for us.


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You’ve reached out for help! You’re reach out is super important to us and we strive to be back in contact with you within 24-48 hours, and oftentimes sooner! In the meantime, make a list of your priorities with your pup and head to our most FAQs page for answers to commonly asked questions!

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